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What iNutlet will do?

iNutlet - a WiFi Smart Home IP Camera---can connect with internet by wifi directly,view video by phone /pad.The iNutlet Camera,which achieve the function of remote viewing、real-time two way audio,can be applied for taking care of child、the elders、pets、 house、shop、residence community、school、office、warehouse、parking lot and soon.

Does iNutlet carry battery?

Yes,We carry battery,which can give you two choice---connect by power supply and using the battery directly.Wherever place you can put iNutlet for our aim of breaking out the cabling.

How to set up iNutlet?

1.Connect power.

2.Download the relative application procedure according your phone.(You can download in the website of "APP Download")

3.Start iNutlet APP,log in,click the "click the new camera" button,complete the steps according to the instructions.

Which phone system will iNutlet camera support?

Our iNutlet camera will support the IOS 7.0 、IOS 7.0 above、Android 4.0 and Android 4.0 above.

The solutions of the abnormal off-wifi?

1.Check the power or internet,such as restart the router.

2.Restart to pull out the power for restart the iNutlet camera.

3.Restart to setup camera.

The network upload bandwidth

At 480P,each camera requires an average of 100kb/s of upload bandwidth.

At 720p,each camera requires an average of 200kb/s of upload bandwidth.

At 1080p,each camera requires an average of 400kb/s of upload bandwidth.

Can we view video remotely by iNutlet Camera? Must it be used in the same one LAN?

iNutlet is a network product which need be used in network environment.The camera and App can be used in different LAN.You can see what you want at any place!

Is iNutlet Camera bound with one account? How to view video more than one person?

For our account’s security,one camera just can be bound with one account which is the administrator account.

iNutlet Camera develop the share function for being convenient to more people: administrator click "the family share".Other family /Friend click " i accept" by steps in your phone APP.The same video will show automatically in other people phone APP.

How to promise the personal privacy?

We apply HTTPS between camera/ phone APP and Serve to guarantee the security.