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Brand introduction


Stone is committed to the intelligent hardware, smart home and its content LianWangHua technology products research and development, production, sales of Internet + type enterprises. Company relies on strong scientific research ability and considerable size of the optoelectronic information manufacturing industry background, the user experience to create a first-class consumer electronics products, improve people's lives.

The company was established in August 2014. Located in the "wuhan China optical valley", colleges and universities standing nearby, intelligence resource intensive, optoelectronic information industry developed, has a good advantage of science and technology, talent advantage, advantage and policy advantage of industrial cluster.

corporate culture

Vision: the most respected Internet enterprise

Constantly listening and meet user requirements, guide and exceed customer demand, won the user respect;

By promoting the status and the brand image of the enterprise, make staff with high sense of honor and pride, earn respect employees;

To promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, grow together with our cooperative partners, and win the respect of the industry;

Pay attention to corporate responsibility, caring society, and to give back to society, to win respect in society.

Mission: the service via the Internet to improve the quality of human life

Make the products and services like water and electricity flowing into people's lives, for people to bring convenience and cheerful;

Focus on different regions, different groups, and for different object to provide differentiated products and services;

Build open and win-win platform, with partners to jointly create a healthy Internet environment.

Values: honest, enterprising, cooperation, innovation

Integrity: right; Hold world with virtue, be an upright person first, insist on the principle of fair and honest, and trustworthy people skills; The positive energy

Enterprising, conscientious, efficient execution; Responsibility, take the initiative to meet the new tasks and challenges; Keep curiosity, learning, the pursuit of excellence.

Win-win collaboration: with open mentality, Shared with partners industry growth; Have the vision, able to interact with other team, common goal; Willing to share professional knowledge and working experience, grow up together with my colleagues.

Innovation: in the spirit of innovation for survival attitude; The purpose of innovation is to create value for users; Dares to breakthrough, have the courage to try, do not fear failure, is a good summary.

Business concept: all for the center with the user

Pay attention to long-term development, not because of commercial interests harm user value;

Pay attention to and understand the user demand, and constantly to excellent products and service to meet user needs;

Attaches great importance to the emotional communication with customers, respect for the user experience, growing together with the user.

Management idea: takes care of people growing up

Provide employees with good working environment and incentive mechanism;

Improve the employee training system and career development channel, give employees with enterprise synchronous growth of happiness;

Fully respect and trust staff, guide and encourage, so that it is the joy of achievement.